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Business Rescue is Becoming Effective: Ignore It at Your Peril Business Rescue – a quick overview Owners, directors and managers – your obligations How has Business Rescue fared?
POPI (The Protection of Personal Information Act) – How Will It Affect You and Your Business? The Act in a nutshell Record Retention: Plenty to Keep Track Of! Companies/Close Corporations  Tax Staff Matters
B-BBEE Revised Codes: Are You A Winner Or A Loser? Exempted Micro Enterprises (EMEs) Other Enterprises Number of elements reduced, and Discounting Points System   Ownership Skills Development  Enterprise and Supplier Development Qualifying Small Enterprises (QSEs) Time frame    Sector Codes  Fronting Approach these codes with caution!
Beware of Cyber Crime – It’s Growing Rapidly and You Are At Risk! What is cyber crime and how prevalent is it? Why target small businesses?    What can we do about it?   
Directors' Personal Liabilities: It’s Not All Bad - The “Business Judgment Rule” What does the Act require of directors?  Where the “business judgment rule” fits in
VAT Registration Blues – There’s Light on the Horizon! Compulsory registration Voluntary registration The bottom line
It’s Tax Season Again: Must You Submit a Return This Year? Individuals who must submit a return Companies, Close Corporations (CCs), Trusts and Juristic Persons who must submit a return When must you submit your return?
Hard Labour Needed at The Department of Labour Where did it begin?  The discounts and the amnesty What happened?  An “offer you can’t refuse”
Theft:  Can You Claim a Tax Deduction and/or a Loss? When can you claim a deduction and/or a loss for tax? It gets tougher And tougher Prevention is the best solution!
Directors: Check Your Liability Insurance! What are your new liabilities? Do these liabilities apply only to directors? Insurance and indemnification - the Good News The limitations