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In this issue: Beware: Big Brother SARS is Watching! Be ready for queries Your Will: Think, and Plan It The starting point: what do I own and what do I owe?   What falls into my estate for estate duty and what is excluded?
In this issue: Cell Phones and Computers: What's The Best Way to Use them and Minimise Tax and Administration? Your three options – and the one to choose The bottom line The New MOI (Memorandum Of Incorporation): What It Is, And What You Should Do The CPA and Your Protection…
In this issue: Your Branding: Is It Your Most Valuable Asset? * Marketing spend is an investment  * Strengthen your balance sheet * Register your trademark  * Avoid reputational damage!     Directors: The New Move to “Solvency” And “Liquidity” ….. Control Your Risk! * Revised Rules in the New Companies Act
In this issue: The Budget 1: How Will It Affect Your Pocket? The Good News in the Budget, and the Bad SAICA’s Budget Overview and Tax Guide The Budget 2: A Sea-Change For Government Strategy From welfare….. … infrastructure investment…..
In this issue: Is Exchange Control Over For Individuals? The new limits..... .....and a massive new concessionBusiness Rescue: Are Personal Suretyships Enforceable?
In this issue: VAT Refund Delayed? Track It With The New VAT Dashboard! Beware The Tax Assessment Masquerading As A Letter! Medical Aid Deductions Versus The New Tax Credits - Will You Pay More Tax, Or Less?
In this issue: Business Rescue - Read All About It! * What is it? * How does it work? * The stakeholders Tax: Beware the New "Supplementary Declaration" Form! * What should you do as a taxpayer?
In this issue: National Health Insurance: What will it Cost You? Navigating the SARS Minefield King III: What is it? And Why is it Important and Relevant to You? "Profit, People and The Planet" Integrated Reporting "Lead SA"
In this issue: ADR: Who Wants To Wait Forever?* Mediation * Conciliation * Arbitration South African Auditors - The Best in the World!